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Who is Cardinal Environmental Consultants, Inc. of Tustin, Orange County, southern California


For over 25 years, Cardinal Environmental Consultants Inc. has provided quality and cost-effective hazardous material investigation and management.  We provide a broad spectrum of environmental, health, and safety consulting solutions to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors.

Native to Southern California, Cardinal Environmental has maintained a family-owned and operated atmosphere.  We keep a close personal relationship with all of our clients and do our best to respond quickly and precisely. 

Being bred in the construction-driven industry we are no strangers to project deadlines and complications.  As a hazardous materials manager, it is our goal to maintain the schedule and cost efficiency of the remediation portion of the project.  Remediation specifications, procedural clean-ups, and site assessments are a few of our finely tuned services. 

In more recent years our project portfolio has grown to include several modernization projects for a number of different school districts, and major renovations of federally owned installations.


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We bring a strong construction orientation to our consulting services and participate extensively, when possible, in the planning and coordination of hazardous materials-related abatement requirements.  Our experience has made us aware of the need to ensure that the abatement plans are compatible with the reconstruction plans and that the abatement activities must also take place in close coordination with the construction activities.  Our experience in this regard, covering the past or ongoing modernization of approximately 65 schools, have made us a valuable team member in overall project planning and administration as well as managing the abatement activities.


Our long-term relationship with our clients has been based on their trust in our commitment to be cost-effective and focused on their best interests.  That interest includes both project cost and project-related liability issues.


Our standard approach to modernization projects includes familiarization with all available relevant information and plans, supplemental sampling as appropriate, reports to involved architects and district staff regarding the extent to which hazardous materials are present, the extent to which the modernization will impact them, and our opinion regarding the pros and cons of their removal or alternative treatment.  We have had experience with the EPA (through the South Coast Air Quality Management District) regarding environmental contamination related to abatement, OSHA regarding worker safety during abatement, and DTSC regarding the acceptability of abatement plans.



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Summary: Environmental testing and consulting services throughout the region.

Cardinal Environmental Consultants, based in Southern California, is a trusted partner for environmental testing and consulting services throughout the region. With over 25 years of experience, they have established themselves as experts in the field.

Cardinal Environmental specializes in providing comprehensive environmental services, including site assessments, soil and groundwater testing, hazardous materials management, and regulatory compliance. Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring the environmental safety and compliance of projects across Southern California.

They have a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, working with clients to develop effective strategies for managing environmental challenges and risks. Cardinal Environmental’s reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions has made them a preferred choice for businesses, municipalities, and organizations in the region.

About Cardinal Environmental Whether it’s assessing environmental impacts, managing contamination, or navigating complex regulatory requirements, Cardinal Environmental is a go-to partner for clients seeking environmentally responsible solutions in Southern California

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